TechPro Az is a leading value creator and solutions specialist
Providing professional services in Engineering

TechPro Az is an experienced service provider in the engineering, construction, agriculture and project management sectors of the Nigeria economy. Tech construction projects and growing engineering and procurement services company with an excellent track record in delivering high-quality value added result in all her undertakings. The company was incorporated in XXXX as a Nigerian Company under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Since inception TechPro Az is engaged in the servicing of the construction subsector, engineering and project management consulting, procurements and outsourcing services, we are also very active in the financial and investment business sector. We facilitate alternative funding plans(AFP) for a robust project regime Framework to sustain an entire project life cycle involving multiple services through our financial partners worldwide. Our company strives hard to meet its client’s demands through our custom, modern and cutting-egde solutions and we also improve our results through feedback and data we accustom during project execution. We hope you would enjoy our services as much as those who have utilized our services in the past. Our excellent project management skills, combined with a wide range of functional expertise in areas such as design engineering, technical procurement, logistics, site construction, quality management, finance, and staff welfare, enable TechPro Az to consistently deliver complex and demanding projects to the highest technological standards. Your trust is well placed in TechPro Az and we will deliver value in each project phase.

Our Vision

To provide world-class solutions and services to the clients with innovative and creative ideas whilst keeping abreast of the emerging trends, policies and technologies.

Our Mission

To be the Preferred project partners for all Engineering and infrastructure project delivery

Our Core Values

TechPro Az believes in culture of transparency and eternal association with project and business partners. the bonding ensures a sense of ownership across such partnerships. TechPro Az maintains its core values in every aspect of the business.

Team Work